Civil Work

Civil Work

Foundations, Industrial Sheds, Rig Pads.
Administrative and Utilities.
Boundary Wall.

Civil Work
ACIL are leaders in Civil Work including plain Concrete casting, reinforcement Concrete casting , form Work , building works, aluminium doors works, excavation works ,pilling works and all other works related to civil.

ACIL has done many jobs with huge Excavation below Ground Level at depth of 26 Metres with Construction at level below Ground level and Constructed many Building and Control Room below Ground level for Power Plants.

In line, with the Country growth and ambitions work for development, ACIL is continuously working towards development of the Country with including mechanism and new technology machines for speeding of work and completing of Project with Commitment and achieving goals on time.

ACIL has achieved many Projects in Its Specialised Areas: concreting

  • Civil Work in NTPC Jhajjar power Plants, Haryana
  • Civil work in DVC Project, Raghunathpur, West Bengal
  • Civil Work in Jubiliant Life Science, Dahej , Gujarat
  • Civil Work in NTPC Hazaribagh ,Jharkhand
  • Civil Works in BGR, Jhajawar Rajasthan